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The window of opportunity is smaller than ever

...launching early efforts through the addition to your teams of e.g. a skilled fractional CRO, outsourced sales and leadership, a partner network, is a fully operational and highly rewarding solution. Grabbing the opportunity to establish and drive revenue, all before even working on building a team and taking a strategic full company approach to capitalise on a new opportunity for growth.

In new regions or segments, businesses can overcome these obstacles and position themselves for success with a lot less risk, through SMaaS; Sales&Management-as-a-Service with a much faster GTM, to make sure the competition does not take your marketshare, and gain velocity in today's cutthroat global marketplace... (source: ChessBoxing Sales' linkedin page)

What Is a Fractional CRO?

 A fractional CRO isa marketing, sales, and customer success expert who strategizes and implements revenue-growth campaigns that align people, technology, and data.


Dependency on the ability to hire quickly and right

Contract cost for European employees
Agency brief, time and commissions for recruiters

Immediate Access

To a vast network of specialists in your field, either on the client, operations, management, sales and enablement side


Budget and resource flexibility
Immediate impact
Use of best practices from experienced sales professionals, without long term commitment


Take the window of opportunity now, not when your competitor is already ahead.

Jeroen is an outstanding sales professional. He is diligent, respectful, and always willing to learn. One reason I promoted Jeroen was due to the example he set both in his daily tasks, but also for the team he represented. His ability to manage in a highly diverse climate make him an example for sales managers globally managing teams from different countries. Jeroen never makes commitments he can not keep. His attitude is aggressive; his personality dynamic. What really sets him apart is his passion to win and never lose. He is a great example for his team to follow. He is one of the best inside sales professionals I have ever worked with.

Dan Maier, Chief Revenue Officer

When I met Jeroen in 2004, he immediately impressed me with his ambitions on a professional and personal level. Since then, I have not only seen the excellent progress he has made, but in the meantime he supported me to do the same.
I am convinced that Jeroen will achieve his professional goals due to his eagerness, loyalty, ability to inspire and motivate other people and above all because he is a fantastic guy to work with!
In brief: if Jeroen would write a management bible, it will not only be fun to read and inspiring; above all it will be a bestseller!

Eveline van der Zanden, Business Analyst and Youth Coach

...a remarkable powerful minded, very intuitive and determined leader. I was impressed with his capability to sustain arguments, find efficient approaches and come up with effective solutions to various situations.
He is very easy to communicate with, an expert in building business connections and a great partner to team up with.
Also he has great skills in understanding and motivating people to pursue a common goal...

Bogdan Baranga, Sr Director

Jeroen has such a bold personality that is very captivating in any room he is in. His "can do" attitude is very positive which pushes the team to rally together. He is very passionate, willing to provide guidance and always ready to get in the trenches with his team.

Leslie LaVelle, Business Strategist & Global Sales Operations Guru


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